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«Nikol Duman» PCOOP

«Nicol Duman» production cooperative as a leader in the sphere of cast iron and aluminum casting products was founded in 1996.

 Our production is

• Foundry
• Mechanical processing of metals
• Preparation of metal construction
• 3D engraving
• Laser cutting and design of wooden materials
• Painting, varnishing

More than 500 samples allows to collect more than 2000 products benches, dustbins, tables and chairs, lamps, billboards and tower, diverse cast iron products used in road construction.
«Nikol Duman» production cooperative's main objective is to create a comfortable and beautiful environment, improve and update urban exterior, emphasizing the architectural uniqueness and attractiveness of our cities.

Our advantages are
• High quality
• The execution of orders in short and precise timeframe
• Realization of orders of individual projects

Our products are popular not only in the territory of Armenia and in Artsakh, and beyond, Georgia, Russia and elsewhere.
We have 36 specialized workers who continue to work with the same commitment, conquering new heights of production.

Working with us is profitable and enjoyable

About Us

"Nikol Duman" Production Cooperative was
founded in 1996 as a leader in the field of
cast iron and aluminum products.


You can connect with us by telephone, e-mail, skype.

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