The first steps of the formation of market relations were taken in the Soviet Union in mid 1980s. Various manufacturing cooperatives were founded under some plants or other production establishments. The manufacturing cooperative named «Liteyshchik» was founded in 1988 under «machine-tool plant». An area was hired within the territory of the plant and our not big team (me, Arsen Hayrapetyan, Vardan Vardanyan, Yefrem Khudgaryan) started its activity. In 1990-1992 we obtained the machinery and equipment and metallic molds necessary for the utility products. For about 10 years those products enjoyed great demand in our Republic. Further on we also started to export those to Georgia. In 1995-1996 the legislation regulating the productive activity in Armenia underwent notable changes. Since 1996 «Liteyshchik» Manufacturing Cooperative was renamed into «Nikol Duman» Production Cooperative. In 1996 in the campus of Yerevan No. 1 «Ikarus» brand passenger transportation establishment depot we rented casting, mechanical and welding workshops and carried on our activity. In 1999-2001 the No. 1 Passenger Transportation Establishment was recognized bankrupt and was put on auction. We bought some part of its territory and transferred the production capacities to our own premises. We implemented a great deal of works. To exploit the workshops at their full capacity we rehabilitated more than 80002 m of roofs, improved some territories, created a wonderful park. Some machine-tools have been obtained and today we are finishing the second casting workshop. This small plant of ours may also be considered as a «universal» plant because the copycats of many broken machine-tools are being casted and undergo mechanical processing in there. Because of our conscientious work today we engage our stable place in the business environment of the Republic of Armenia. Our production is known in Georgia, Russian Federation and elsewhere. Certain credit facilities have been introduced into that production with the view to obtain new technologies and working capital. We have a plenty of scientific and industrial partners. We have 36 high class professional employees. We have 36 high class professional employees.



Karlen Gevorgyan


Nelli Harutunyan

Chief accountant

Yefrem Khudgaryan

Chief engineer

Arsen Hayrapetyan

Deputy director of social affairs

Asya Adamyan


Aghasi Gevorgyan

Chief mechanic

Gohar Mikayelyan

Manager of external relations, translator

Awards and acknowledgements

2008 Certificate of Appreciation from the Prime Minister for Construction Worker's Day